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Aggie Transportation Institute; Texans Travel Up 60% This Memorial Day over 2020

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – Millions of Texans hit the road this holiday weekend as the unofficial start of Summer.

AAA estimates about 37 million Americans, and 2.8 million Texans traveled at least 50 miles for Memorial Day weekend, a major increase compared to 2020.

Bill Eisele with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute says that this change compared to last year means travelers should be ready for traffic and crowds.

“This new travel demand is different,” said Eisele. “The airports are just now getting used to this traffic out there, the travelers on the road are probably equally surprised by how much traffic is out there, so packing a little bit of patience is what is important. “

Daniel Armbruster, a spokesperson with AAA Texas says travel definitely increased in all ways compared to 2020.

“All modes of travel are up for Memorial Day,” said Armbruster. “Air travel was up 540%, so certainly if you are on the roadway, in the skies, or at the bus terminal, you are going to see more folks than you are used to.”

Armbruster adds that people have been restless and ready to hit the roads and skies as more are vaccinated and feel safer traveling this Summer.

April Leman and Michael Hannon say they traveled to Round Rock this weekend and say it felt nice to actually get out and see some sort of normalcy.

“We enjoyed seeing people around,” said Hannon. “We were at The Domain in Round Rock and there are so many more people than we are used to seeing which is nice.”

“Last year was pretty sad, and I think everyone was so unclear on what was okay and what wasn’t. But now, we are opening back up and it feels thriving,” said Leman.

As the weekend wraps up, Armbruster says it is important to make sure you get a good sleep before hitting the road, stop every two hours to refresh, and never drink or text and drive as law enforcement continues patrols this holiday weekend.

Written by Kendall Hogan

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