Lake Charles

Lake Charles Area Farmers: Floods Will Affect this Fall’s Harvest

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Southwest Louisiana crops have been impacted by the recreant heavy rainfall and flooding.

Many crop fields in Calcasieu were submerged in the flood. Though all plants need water to grow, experts said crops in this region do better when it’s hot and dry.

This spring started out less than ideal for farmers. After the ice storm, they began to plant, but were faced with some cool and wet days delaying the progress of crops like rice and soybeans.

LSU AgCenter County Agent Jimmy Meaux said many young soybean crops may not survive.

“They may not get as big or have as many on a pod, so it will affect us some in that way if we don’t plant it earlier,” Meaux said.

He says there is still time to replant before soybean’s October harvest. Though for other crops, it may be too late to replant and will experience delays.

“The heavy rain I guess that we did experience last week did hurt some of our or delay some of our crops again,” Meaux said. “Rice is probably the biggest agronomic crop we have here in Calcasieu Parish, and a lot of it got under water, so we had to wait until the water receded to kind of see what shape we’re in. It looks like it’s going to survive okay.”

Meaux said this is just another stress for farmers who were already tasked with rebuilding after the hurricanes, like working on their grain bins.

“A lot of them haven’t rebuilt those yet, so they are still trying to get those done in time for harvest this year.”

Written by Andrea Robinson

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