Conroe Man Sent Up for 65 Years in Prison; He Used a ‘Stun Gun’ on His Disabled Daughter

CONROE, Texas – Officials in Montgomery County have sentenced a man to 65 years in prison for using a stun gun his 14-year-old disabled daughter. 

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, evidence showed Anthony Maurice Jackson used a stun gun on several occasions against his daughter, who suffers from multiple disabilities. 

The DA’s office says the child later died but not because of the stun gun but taking medication that was not prescribed for her. However, authorities testified that because “the victim was not capable of administering medication to herself and her death was ruled a homicide.”

“The abuse this child endured during the months leading up to her early death was just as tragic and unnecessary as what caused her death,” Assistant District Attorney Shanna Redwine said in a press statement. “Children deserve honor, care, respect, and protection. Jackson showed his own daughter none of these things.”

Two other caregivers, Tommieretta and Keyonna Gunner, who were also friends of Jackson’s were previously convicted for using the stun gun on the child as well, the DA’s office confirmed.

Jackson’s sentence was sent down Thursday and initially he was expected to get 25 years in prison, but because he has a previous criminal history, he was given 65 years.  

“Accountability for Jackson and the others involved in this child’s abuse has been a long time coming, but the day our office and law enforcement have long sought, and which Jackson has long fled has arrived,” District Attorney Brett Ligon added. “Unfortunately, we could not save this little girl or rescue her from the torment her father inflicted upon her, but we can and did force this man to face the conscience of the community, and they have definitively spoken.”

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